Being a compendium of works gathered by the Friends of Vika.

Vika Grigina z Prahy is a minor noblewoman (safer that way) at the court of Charles IV in Prague. A true and thrifty lady, she is practiced in many needle arts. If the Reader would care to look at her thoughtful process while working on these skills, They may follow her diary, Vika’s Vexatious Vestments. At the request of the Emperor, Vika has put up an SCA wiki page at Vika Grigina z Prahy, but this portfolio site is an opportunity to see more photos and documentation of her works in more concentrated space.

In addition to regular participation in A&S displays and competitions, Vika is a Journeyman in the Keeper’s of Athena’s Thimble, the East Kingdom’s embroiderers’ guild.  She has been judged competent in applique, couching, free embroidery, metal thread work by the experts there.

This website breaks Vika’s work into several categories:

Fourteenth Century Lady

Renaissance Lady

Accessories of a Lady

Always Happy to Help (embroidery and regalia projects)

In addition, she has taught the following classes:

  • Half-Linings Considered Harmful:  fabric & construction choices for late 14thc. fitted gowns: handout
  • (taught at Pennsic 42, 43, 44)
  • Basic 14th Century Tablet-Woven Edge: (see below for handout)
  • (taught at Pennsic 42)
  • 14th Century Purse Embellishments: handout
  • (taught at Embroiderers’ Schola, 2/21/15; A Day in the Solar, 6/20/15; Pennsic 44; Schola in the Shire, 2/13/16)
  • 14th Century Tablet-Woven Edge, The Hands-On Edition: handout
  • (taught at Schola in the Shire, 2/13/16)
  • teaching

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